Dr. Diaz Mariscal

Urgenciologist-Surgeon Mexico



This is the surgical specialty dedicated to the treatment of cancer.

The current medical and surgical management is multidisciplinary. We offer a fundamental promise to present the best options to our patients.

We offer a multidisciplinary service including medical oncologists and oncological surgeons in order to obtain the most optimal results.

  • – Colon and rectal cancer
  • – Esophageal cancer
  • – Gastric cancer
  • – Pancreatic cancer
  • – Liver cancer
  • – Gallbladder and bile duct cancer
  • – Thyroid cancer
  • – Skin cancer

Número de emergencia

664 634 6303

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Opinions of Our Patients

Dr. Diaz Mariscal

The only doctor at Mexico to have both specialties: Emergency Medicine and General Surgery.


    Our clients are our main priority which is why our team understands their different needs.

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