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Defined as a surgical procedure required when a specific organ or the patient’s life is at risk. A quick evaluation and diagnosis by a medical doctor is considered crucial in order to avoid unnecessary surgical interventions in the future. A delay in treatment increases the possibility of complications and mortality.

What are the most common urgent surgeries?

  • – Acute abdomen
  • – Acute appendicitis
  • – Acute cholecystitis
  • – Gastric ulcers and perforated duodenum
  • – Perforation of the small and large intestines
  • – Intestinal obstruction
  • – Abdominal trauma
  • – Hiatal hernia
  • – Complicated inguinal hernia
  • – Diverticular disease
  • – Peritonitis
  • – Among others

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Emergency surgeries are done via laparoscopy. Currently, the majority of emergency surgeries can be realized using laparoscopy. This technique is especially favored when the diagnosis is not well defined or in younger women when an underlying gynecological disease is suspected.

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Dr. Diaz Mariscal

The only doctor at Mexico to have both specialties: Emergency Medicine and General Surgery.


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